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Green Tea Limiting Muscle Wasting in Cancer


Reduction of body weight, from loss of muscle mass, is involved in almost 1/3 of all cancer deaths. Researchers at the Department of Food Science, at NTO University in Keelung Tawain, show that green tea EGCG effects two biomarkers MurF, and MAFbx, that mediate tumor induced muscle atrophy, called Cachexia.

Green tea EGCG was shown to stimulate the migration of leukocytes into skeletal muscle, thereby suppressing, tumor induced, nuclear factor kappa B and E3-ligases in the wasting of muscle. This study also confirmed EGCG's ability to reduce tumor size, as wells as, limit weight loss symptoms, using a mouse model, to measure mRNA and intracellular levels of NF kappaB, MuRF1, and MAFbx. Their results where published on June 2011, in the journal of Cancer Letters. PMID:21397390

Reducing Cancer Inflammation Symptoms

Herbal remedies have been the focus of a wide audience for the prevention, and treatment of cancer related symptoms. Cancer researchers over the past 10 years have pointed to the disruption of inflammatory pathways, contributing to cancer symptoms. According to results published, in the May 2011 edition of Explorations in Biological Medicine, by Cytokine Research Laboratory, scientists describe how both nuclear factor Kappa B, and inflammatory signaling pathways contribute to cancer related symptoms.

Inflammation causing cytokines, such as interleukin-6, have been found at high levels in cancer patients where nuclear factor Kappa B is a major mechanistic molecule influencing inflammation pathways.

Most cancer symptoms are caused by either disease induced inflammation, or from chemotherapy side effects.

Cancer Symptoms Include:

Many remedies found in nature contain wide ranging anti-inflammation properties that are low cost, low in toxicity, and are widely available.

Nutritional herbs that have shown to effect inflammatory pathways, thereby suggesting reductions in cancer related symptoms, include:

The natural anti-inflammatory molecules found in these plants have been shown to induce nuclear factor kappa B activation, where inflammatory pathways may have potential for improving patient's cancer symptoms. 1

The presence of bio-active molecules, such as EGCG, can vary significantly among green tea dietary supplements. Flavonol concentrations were higher in supplements than in tea leaves, indicating degradation and oxidation of catechins during the manufacturing and storage processes. 2

Nuclear factor Kappa B-mediation, and the dys-regulation of inflammatory signaling pathways will continue to be the focus of future studies, as researchers around the world work to prevent and reverse cancer related symptoms.


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Updated: Dec 21 2013