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Statement of Purpose

Heartspring.net is an independent evidence-based publishing site for doctors who write and review articles intended to serve health care consumers.

Peer Review Guidelines:

Heartspring.net works with state licensed naturopath physicians and certified medical doctors who publish consumer health articles for peer review. Health content is chosen for publication according to educational value, reference to clinical evidence, and overall impact on human health.

Editorial Board - Advisory and Review

Heartspring is guided by an Editorial Advisory Board, the members of which include professionals representing a spectrum of disciplines, including, environmental health, herbal, nutritional, behavioral therapies, as well as, physical medicine. These individuals are invaluable sources of insight and inspiration. Their wisdom and generosity of time is critical to our ongoing success.

Wendy Wells
Author Wendy Wells NMD, accredited naturopath physician in Arizona.

Jason Jensen, NMD
Jason Jensen NMD, board certified naturopathic medical doctor, writing and reviewing health articles.

Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly, article research, and web design.

Guidelines For Health Articles

Our goal is to provide leadership for producing validated and trusted health care information for consumers.

Heartspring.net works to adopt and exceed the following standards:

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Updated: March 18 2018