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Overcoming Eczema


The first way to correct any issue in the body is to take a look at the daily regimen and see if any changes are needed. A healthy regimen is established, when nutritional status is up to par, food intolerances are eliminated, excess toxins in environment are eliminated, and exercise is included in the daily routine. If more help is still needed, then we can look deeper for underlying causes. We may also need to supplement the body with nutritionals known to help correct skin issues, and control the immune system.

How is food sensitivity linked to eczema?

Food intolerances play an important role in health. Each of us has certain foods that we cannot digest as well as others. Undigested foods essentially "rot" in our gut and cause disease. Testing for food sensitivity is a simple in-office blood test.

How is nutrition related to eczema and the skin?

The skin cells are breaking down and rebuilding at a constant rate. If there is interference in the process, eczema can erupt. All the components of healthy skin cells and their function are necessary. One of the first things is to determine if there are any nutritional deficiencies by examining the diet and supplement regime.

How is the gastrointestinal tract, the "gut," linked to eczema?

The health of our skin is directly related to the health of our gut. Our skin and our gut are one continuous tissue and have much the same function, which is to provide a healthy barrier for us to protect our blood stream from the outside world. When this barrier is damaged or broken in any way, disease can ensue. We must look at the digestion/absorption and state of the pro-biotics or bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract as a state of health.

How is the immune system associated with eczema?

The immune system is involved in the process and if there is a dysregulation of the immune system, skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis occur. The immune system is involved in cleaning up dead cells. Immune dysregulation is caused in part by environmental toxicity, such as heavy metals.

How is the thyroid linked to eczema?

Thyroid controls the metabolism of cells and if thyroid function is low, skin recovery can be slower.

Underlying causes of eczema include the following:

Aggravating Eczema Factors

Aggravating Eczema Factors

Wendy Wells

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Updated: Jan 8 2015