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Water Filter Health Tips

By Heartspring Staff

coconut hullWater Filter Guide Water filter systems come in many shapes and sizes, using a variety of filter media. This guide provides a detailed description, pointing out the pros and cons of various water treatments for the kitchen, home, and bath.

counter top filterCounter Top Water Filters Filter media configurations for portable counter top water filters.

Sense of Thirst Lost With Age Research shows how our bodies adapt to dehydration.

Symptoms of Dehydration
Exercising during warm weather, and salt imbalance issues of the elderly.

Water Prescription
Water: Affordable way to stay healthy?

Guide To Water Contaminates
Toxins found in drinking water. Common drinking water contaminates.

Lead In Our Drinking Water
Old pipes in aging infrastructure provide toxic point sources.

Well Water Contamination
Rural areas are not immune from groundwater toxic waste plumes.

Testing Our Water
Find out what's in our drinking water.

Hazardous Chlorination in Drinking Water
Chlorine protects against bacterial and viral illness, however it's carcinogenic effects healthy tissues.

Why Filter Chlorine From Your Shower?
Steaming water forces chlorine into the air. Breathing chlorine is not recommended.

Drinking Water and Women's Health by Brenda Afzal, RN.

Water Ionizer Benefits

Electrically charged water occurs in nature, and can be measured by a milli-volt meter. But this "charge" can be lost during treatment, storage and delivery of drinking water. Water ionizers work to replace this missing natural charge, that allows water to carry, and deliver alkaline minerals in drinking water.

Prevention of Diseases
Dr. Shirahata presents evidence for the use of drinking water in the treatment of a wide range of diseases.

Understanding Reduced Water
Hidemitsu Hayashi, a medical doctor explains the effects of ionized drinking water, reduced by electrolysis.

Water Ionizer Researchmolecular water shapes
Peer review process, uncovers the health effects of electrolyzed "ionized" water.

Anti-Cancer Effects
Continued research attempts to reveal the anti cancer effects of electrolyzed water.

Reducing Lung Cancer
Researchers suggest how both free hydrogen electrons and magnesium may contribute to health effects of alkaline ionized water.

Clinical Applications
Dr. Hayashi presents a range of health applications for the use of ionized water.

Frequently Asked Questions
about ionized water, by Heartspring.net staff.

Structured Water Research
Find out how water's flipping coordinates can arrange itself into various basic geometric shapes.

Japan Medical Congress
Addressing ionized water.

pH Demonstrations
Alkaline water affecting food and beverages.

Effects on Stomach Acid
Drinking alkaline water, by Sang Whang.

Aging and Reverse Aging
by Sang Whang.

Passive Filter Media Materials used for "polishing" water's pH without the use of electricity.

Acid-Alkaline Balance health affects.

Water Ionizer Considerations

Water Ionizer Perspectives Water Ionizer Unit
Water ionizer issues, reasons to consider when buying a water ionizer.

Alkaline Water Hazards
Consumption of electrolyzed water, under certain circumstances, could fatally effect infants, and elderly health.

Ionizer Issues Interview
Ionizer filtration discussion

Ionizer Testing from independent labs.

Acidosis / Alkalosis - Disease Research Blood pH can vary widely from pH 6.5 to 7.5. Research shows how mild alkalosis is an optimal state for human health.

Mineral Water Health Effects
"Hard water," contain calcium, and magnesium, two minerals that have been shown to offer positive health effects on bone growth.

Air Filtration

Pothos plantGrowing Clean Air Three common house plant species used to clean, and produce air.

Air Purifying Ionizers may produce hazardous levels of ozone inside the home.

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