Green drink Ginger: Toxic To Cancer Cells
Evidence for anticancer and chemo preventive properties."

Green drink Japanese Arrowroot
Affects Parkinson's neurodegenerative disease development.

Vitamin Nutritional Testing
Optimizing multi-vitamin intake amounts by Jason Jensen, NMD.

Tree bark Tree Bark and Skin Cancer
Temak tree bark shown to interrupt melanoma skin cancer.

Yogurt Benefits of Probiotic
Foods and supplements affecting natural immunity by Jason Jensen, NMD.

Brain cell diagram Improving Memory
Growing new brain cells, maintaining existing ones by Wendy Wells, NMD.

Red heart Heart Health
Decker Weiss NMD, cholesterol control, blood pressure management, and heart healthy nutrients.

Lemon fruit wedge Citrate Affecting Ulcers and Stones
Of all kidney stone treatments, citrate is considered by researchers as "the most clinically significant."

Water structure diagram Limiting Bone Loss
Mineral water consumption may be an easy and inexpensive way to prevent osteoporosis.