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Red heartAcupuncture aims to help arthritis pain relief, happiness, and fertility.

Addiction and Alcohol Treatments detox options, benefits of functional medicine.

Allergy Relief Pollen season may be connected to food intolerance such as wheat gluten. Learn about allergy treatment options.

mortar & pestleNaturopath Medicine
What Is It? A consumers guide to using complementary and alternative medicine, including the top complementary therapies.

Anti Inflammation includes dietary and herbal treatments.

MicroscopeAutism Research
winter conception risks, environmental costs, and prenatal vitamin benefits.

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Arthritis Joint Health
symptoms and treatments, exercise, acupuncture, and inflammation reduction for arthritis joint pain.

Bone Health calcium myths, bone loss prevention, and the health effects of mineral water.

Rhinovirus cellCold & Flu Season Tips foods inhibiting flu virus, honey for coughs, beneficial immune response.

Brain HealthHappy face Neuro-transmitters and hormones for happiness. Find natural treatments for concentration and memory improvement. Learn about using turmeric for Alzheimer's, and CoQ10 for Parkinson's disease, and L-Theanine for de-stressing. Learn about depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, beneficial sleep and brain health.

Vitamins C and ECancer Defense "Alternative" approaches include vitamins C&E, shown to reduce cancer inflammation.

Chronic Fatigue Overcoming Fibromyalgia, anemia, with treatment options.

Detox DietingMuddy Apple Benefits, safety issues, toxic cleansing topics.

GI Health Citric acid inhibiting stomach ulcers, orange peel extract for acid reflux, treating ulcers with licorice root, treatments for leaky gut, healthy bacteria, and good functioning bowels.

Headache Relief Natural Treatments for headaches. Butterbur and migraines, headache and nutrition.

Floating red heartHeart Health Managing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure. CoQ-10, fish oil, herbs, and cardiac coherence supporting heart health.

Herbal Research peer reviewed academic journals.

Kidney Health Turmeric and Type 2 Diabetes nutritional support such as bitter melon diabetic aid and cinnamon effects blood sugar levels.

Sleeping buddhaGetting Sleep Insomnia, apnea, and L-Theanine.

Hormones and Menopause natural medicine, progesterone cream and using Estriol lotion.

Pain Relief management, chronic pain and methadone, NSAID pain med side effects.

Pregnancy Health early signs, essential nutrition tips, and natural fertility.

Natural Skin CareKristina Kelly Photo Age spot, acne, skin cancer, and natural dry skin remedies.

Infection topics candida yeast and Lyme infections.