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Medicinal Foods

By Heartspring Staff

Evidence based research highlighting nutritional food benefits.

Nutritional Approach to Anemia Tips on how your heart can work easier by pumping more oxygen-rich blood.

Maintain Your EyesightEye vision artwork
Medical researchers conduct 10 year study and discover that consuming DHA, EPA and fish decrease the risk of developing Age-related Macular Degeneration.

Fat Balancing Dr. Maffetone tells how to control inflammation by consuming the right ratio of fats, providing a powerful metabolic effect.

Citric Acid Heals Stomach UlcersLemon wedge
Research shows how citrus fruits are a significant source of citric acid for the natural treatment of ulcers as well as, kidney stones.

Alkaline Food and Water? Dr. Apsley shows how a high mineral diet produces a regeneration effect for growing healthy tissue.

Food Intolerance or Food Allergy? Wendy Wells, NMD, explains the importance of nutritional absorption and reactions to dietary intakes.

Green Drink Mixes offer the advantage of fast nutrition. Dr. Weiss provides insight on easy green drinks and their health effects.

Immunology, Nutrition, and Exercise Jason Barker, ND, explains the important connection between exercise and a healthy immune system.

The Regeneration Effect Dr. Apsley, explains how most all degenerative diseases are caused by missing minerals, in our soils, in our foods, and in our cells.

Spoon and plateNutritional Empowerment
Do we really need supplements to maintain optimal health?. Dr. Wells explains the causes of nutritional deficiencies.

Top Foods High in Magnesium
to help provide a alkalizing diet effect.

High Protein Foods
More activity requires more protein.
Vegetarian Protein List

Olive Oil's Phenols Affect Cancer CellsOlive tree
Scientists have thought that olive oil might help prevent breast cancer. Now they may have discovered why.

Coffee and Health:coffe bean
Two biologically active compounds found in coffee, caffeine and phenolic acids, have potent antioxidants properties that can effect glucose metabolism and reproductive hormone levels.

Dark Chocolate Health Effectscocoa seed
Cocoa Beans are researched as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and mood enhancer.

Nutrition for Healthy Bones by Dr. Lucille.

Papaya Antioxidant by Dr. Lucille.

Weight Loss Diet Tips Naturopath suggestions for losing weight.

Nutrition as Protection by Candace Corson MD.

Farming for Nutrition

spinach Benefical Soil Topics
Explore how healthy soil is teaming with bio-diversity, filled with oxygen breathing, carbon building, microbial life forms. "Good guy fungi," along with many other types of tiny benefical actors, create highly bioavailable plant nutrients, shown to produce food with higher nutrition levels. Reference:

Compost affects antioxidant levels in strawberries.

Food for Thought

Books endorsed by Dr. Allegra, ND.

Recipes inspired by Weston Price.

Local Harvest Local farmers markets, CSA's, and farms.

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